UP: Legal Disclaimer

The Internet Services of Union Pacific Railroad Company are to be used for business purposes only. Internet Services shall not be used by an employee for his or her personal use or private gain. At no time may an employee use Internet Services in violation of company policies, practices, or local, state, or federal law. This policy includes all Internet Services, electronic mail systems, facsimile, and electronic bulletin board communications, including the Internet or the World Wide Web. If you are not an employee of Union Pacific Railroad Company or a party authorized to use this system or access this screen, please cease your use immediately. Failure to do so may place you at legal risk.

All information contained within the Internet Services is an asset of the company. Employees must ensure there is no external distribution, whether intentional or inadvertent, of material which is of a proprietary, confidential, or copyrighted nature.

Information contained within Internet services and electronic mail communications, both online and in backup archives, is a business record, comparable to a printed business memo, and can be accessed and disclosed as the business deems it is necessary.

In addition, the company may disclose the contents of Internet Services and electronic mail communications, sent or received by and to employees, whenever it believes such disclosure is required to investigate possible violations of company policy, or to ensure integrity and security within the Internet Services and electronic mail system, or in support of court order or subpoena, or for any other lawful or business reason. Accordingly, authorized personnel of the company may review electronic communications.

The company reserves the right to change its Internet Services and electronic communications policy at any time.